Cleansing Bar

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Our all-natural soap bars are creamy and luxurious.  Each bar is designed to be gentle enough for any skin type and is essential to maintaining healthy, hydrated, glowing skin.

Our bars are designed to improve the condition of skin by gently cleansing, relieving dryness with natural ingredients that do not strip pores.

DAILY FACE WASH [MILK & SALT BAR]: We recommend using the Unscented Himalayan Salt or Goat Milk Soap Bar for daily face washing for any skin type.  It is gentle for the most sensitive skin plus cleanses beautifully without stripping skin or irritating pores.

DAILY/WEEKLY  FACE + BODY MASK [CHARCOAL BAR]: The Activated Charcoal Black Soap Bar is the most simple exfoliation and a very powerful tool in drawing out impurities.  It is a brilliant mask because of its quick + simple use plus it can be used on the face and entire body.  *contains coconut oil so may not be suite for sensitive face skin.

DAILY BODY BARS [MINT & HONEY]: Gentle, hydrating soap bars for the body to use daily.  The mint bar is also designed to be used for the hair.

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