Enneagram Candle

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Enneagram 1: The Reformer: principled, perfectionist, purposeful and self-controlled. Fragrance: A perfect blend of Palo Santo and Suede

Enneagram 2: The Helper: caring, interpersonal, generous and empathetic. Fragrance: A sweet aroma of Violet and Vanilla.

Enneagram 3: The Achiever: success-oriented, pragmatic, adaptable, driven and excelling. Fragrance: Our most successful fragrance -  Tobacco & Patchouli.

Enneagram 4: The Individualist: sensitive, introspective, expressive and dramatic. Fragrance: A unique scent of prickly spiced pear.

Enneagram 5: The Investigator: intense, perceptive, innovative and reclusive. Fragrance: A straightforward yet complex balance of eucalyptus and santal.

Enneagram 6: The Loyalist: committed, engaging, responsible, anxious and in need of security. Fragrance: A loyal fan-favorite, Fig & Olive.

Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast: busy, spontaneous, versatile, acquisitive and scattered. Fragrance: Travel-inspired scent of Cactus Flower.

Enneagram 8: The Challenger: dominating, self-confident, decisive and confrontational. Fragrance: A strong aroma of Incense & Smoke

Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker: easygoing, self-effacing, receptive, reassuring and agreeable. Fragrance: A peaceful blend of Lavender & Sage.

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