Guatemala Ixlama Coffee - 12oz

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We taste: chocolate, apple, caramel. Ixlama is a coffee that does its job and does it well. An approachable work-horse, this coffee appeals to the jaded coffee drinker and the enthusiastic novice alike. We roast this coffee to let it’s round, clean sweetness shines through, and frequently find notes of apple, chocolate, and caramel in the cup.


  • 12 oz.
  • Whole beans


About the maker:

Methodical Coffee is a team of friends in Greenville, SC. Opening up as a cafe in 2015, they found themselves wanting to learn and grow, and started to roast coffee in 2017. Methodical believes that any successful business is built upon three pillars: exceptional product, customer service, and experience. They tirelessly work to perfect those three pillars.

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