Moroccan Jasmine Mint Loose Leaf Green Tea - 2oz

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heady, sweet jasmine, peppermint

To the North African nomadic tribes, a glass of mint tea offers a refreshing escape from the dry desert heat. It is a symbol of friendship and an afternoon tonic often taken in the shade of a Berber tent. Ours is made with the finest grade Fujian jasmine green tea and USA-grown peppermint. Brew with a handful of fresh mint and a scoop of sugar for an intoxicating taste of old Morocco.


  • Ingredients: Premium jasmine infused green tea leaves from Fujian province, China and organic USA peppermint
  • Directions: Steep 2.5 teaspoons (4g) of Moroccan Jasmine Mint in 1 cup (8oz) of 180°F boiling water for 3 minutes and strain. Makes 2 infusions. For 180° F water, boil then let cool 3-5 minutes.
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